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New in our studio: Breast massage for women who appreciate their own beauty

We now offer traditional Thai chest and décolletage massage, for stimulation of the muscles supporting the breast and improving the tone of the connective tissue, which in turn results in a healthier breast appearance. Also this has a positive effect on the metabolism (purification!) and delays the effects of gravity.

If you love having a nice and healthy bosom, we invite you to this new massage in our SPA. The main effect is the breasts getting younger, healthier and firmer. At the same time you will feel younger and healthier in general and improve your mood, not to mention the general relaxation effect. Think of your tangible (or physical) "assets", we'll help you preserve and present them in the best possible way.

In Thailand the ancient art of massage is regarded as extremely important for the preservation of health and disease prevention. This is reflected in the existence of numerous government accredited schools for Thai massage all across the country.

In many cases Thai massage will

  • * Improve flexibility
  • * Improve range of movement
  • * Improve general wellbeing
  • * Reduce stress symptoms
  • * Reduce tension-related pains
  • * Or just make you feel relaxed and happy after a long day

A good Thai massage therapist will be able to identify and reach all the large and small muscles in your body that may be causing you trouble. All our therapists have official Thai massage diplomas and extensive experience in the field. Try out their skills yourself, enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the beautiful design and the hygienic environment in our massage centre and let yourself be inspired and surprised by the effects of this ancient form of treatment.


Trial Offer: 30 Minutes of Foot Massage or Head, Shoulders and Back: 70 Zloty

60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes
Traditional Thai Massage
130 Zloty (circa 32 Euro)
180 Zloty (circa 43 Euro)
220 Zloty (circa 53 Euro)
Traditional Thai Massage with 2 massage therapists
230 Zloty (circa 55 Euro)
330 Zloty (circa 80 Euro)
400 Zloty (circa 95 Euro)
Oil Massage
170 Zloty (circa 42 Euro)
240 Zloty (circa 60 Euro)
300 Zloty (circa 75 Euro)
Massage With Hot Stones or Hot Herbal Stamps
150 Zloty (circa 34 Euro)
200 Zloty (circa 45 Euro)
240 Zloty (circa 55 Euro)
Face Massage
100 Zloty (circa 24 Euro)
Foot Massage
120 Zloty (circa 24 Euro)
Head, Shoulders and Back
130 Zloty (circa 32 Euro)
Breast massage for women (firming and detox)
130 Zloty (circa 32 Euro)


Contact us

Contact and Directions

Kaszubska 13/4A, 70-403 Szczecin, first floor, right hand door

Phone: (0048) 91 829 22 11

Mobile: (0048) 500 897 480

E-mail: thaimassagepl gmail.com

The Wellspring Thai Massage Centre is located in the small part of Kaszubska Street which is not normally accessible by cars. Taxis are allowed to enter, however, and will take you directly in front of the door. Coming by car you can park in the rest of Kaszubska street or in Bogurodzicy Street (after 5 p.m. and over the weekend parking is free, otherwise please remember to bring some small change for the parking tickets. If you do not find a place to park there you will usually find enough space in the Kaskada car park.

Find us

Coming from Kaskada shopping centre take the exit next to the pharmacy in the ground floor leading to the Sphinx restaurant. About 60 meters from Sphinx restaurant on your right you will find our massage centre. Take the big entrance from the street, then the staircase to your right and walk up to the first floor. Please note that this is the building before the beautiful “Basilica of John the Baptist” (Polish name: Bazylika sw. Jana Chrzciciela) located at the corner of Kaszubska street and Bogurodzicy street.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 12:00 -19:30h, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:30-19:30h

Please contact our reception.